living room area rug

If you’re looking to purchase an area rug for your Shelby Township, Rochester, Washington area home, there are a number of things to consider. Here at Floor Coverings International Shelby Township, we provide a selection in varying colors, sizes and shapes. Our team of flooring experts is here to help you choose the right style for your home.


Benefits of Area Rugs

Rugs offer a flexible way to add new style to your home. They also can protect your flooring in high traffic areas. We often recommend rugs to homeowners with less durable flooring in busy areas like the living room or hallway. Large rugs are also helpful for defining the space in a great room. You can define the living room area and kitchen area in an open floor plan with the right rug. Lastly, rugs add warmth and comfort to colder flooring styles. If you have natural stone floors in your home, a soft rug can feel great underfoot.


Choosing the Right Rug

There are a lot of questions to think about when you are shopping for an area rug. One key thing to remember is that you should always leave some of your flooring showing around the rug. Especially if you have new flooring this is a good thing to remember – you should show off your beautiful floors!

Another important thing to remember is to not be afraid to purchase a large rug. We know that the price can be daunting, but you don’t want to spend the money and then have the rug be too small for your space.


We’re Here to Help

Need help choosing the right area rug for your Shelby Township, Rochester, Washington area home? Give us a call! We have lots of experience helping homeowners choose an area rug. Plus, we can order a large variety of styles. so you can find one that’s unique, beautiful and just right for your home.


Photo Credit: MR. INTERIOR