Jute rugs and carpet have seen a growing popularity lately. The demand for natural fiber rugs is growing along with the greater interest in sustainability and environmentalism. Natural fiber rugs, as biodegradable materials and renewable resources, are great flooring options for you if you’re trying to make sustainability a priority in your life. But not only is Jute an eco-friendly floor covering, its also inexpensive and attractive. The abundance of Jute as a fiber and its quick growth cycle ensure that Jute is a budget-friendly carpet option, even cheaper than other natural fibers like Sisal or Seagrass. The woven tan and brown look of Jute carpets and rugs is a distinctive and attractive look that is much sought after as well. Unfortunately, as with any floor covering, Jute has its drawbacks as well. Jute can stain and mold, as well as brown and fade. The key to getting the most out of your Jute rugs and carpets is proper care and maintenance. With these tips from Floor Coverings International of Shelby Township and Rochester, MI, you’ll be able to get the most out of your Jute carpet floors.

Regular Maintenance

The look of Jute and other natural fiber carpets means that dirt and dust is easily masked and disguised on the surface of your rug, so if you’re a little lax in your cleaning schedule, Jute is a great choice for you! Furthermore, dirt tends to sit atop the weave of natural fiber carpets, rather than sinking into the nap as with some carpet options. Luckily, regular vacuuming is enough to pick this dirt up and ensure your carpets last for as long as possible.

Water Wary

One of the biggest things to keep in mind with Jute carpeting, is that as a natural fiber, jute is very absorbent, and will stain or become prone to mold and mildew when it comes in contact with moisture. This means that Jute isn’t suitable for rooms like bathrooms, or particularly humid climates, in case it rots. This also means that certain carpet cleaning methods are unsuitable for Jute, including wet shampooing or steam cleaning.

Spills and Stains

Try and avoid spilling anything on your Jute carpets, but if you do, clean spills up immediately with a clean, dry, white cloth. Remember to blot rather than rub at the spill. If you spill dark things like wine or tomato sauce, use a cloth lightly dampened with club soda to blot the stain and immediately blow-dry the spot to prevent mold. Another type of staining that Jute is prone to is fading due to sunlight, so try and keep Jute away from direct sun, and keep blinds closed or angled upwards to keep the color looking new.

Wear and Tear

Jute is slightly more prone to brittleness and breaking than natural fiber carpets like Sisal and Seagrass, so try and use them in areas that don’t have especially high traffic, like hallways. Low to medium traffic areas like dining rooms are good places for Jute flooring.

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