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Benefits of Shop At Home Flooring

Macomb County Shop at Home FlooringShopping for a new floor covering isn’t always convenient or easy but there’s a way to make it more palatable. Shop-at-home carpet and flooring retailers like Floor Coverings International are there to make the process more convenient and less of a hassle.

The “out-of-home” process often means getting in the car and driving to one or more showrooms to look at the available products. Once there it’s a matter of looking for the right colors, textures or patterns, checking out some samples and hauling them home with you.

When you get home you get to see whether you made the right choice in color, see how it looks against other furnishings and wall colors, and then hike back to the showroom(s) to return the samples. If you didn’t get it right the first time (colors don’t match, texture seems wrong, etc.), you start the process all over again.

Shop-at-home flooring services do all the running around for you. They’ll drive to your home with vans full of samples, be they carpet, hardwood, tile, cork or any combination, depending on what they carry. All you do is choose the samples.


Let’s face it. The thought of having the product come to you instead of having to spend the time and gas driving around town does have its upsides. Consider these benefits to in-home carpet or floor shopping:

  • You see how the samples look where they might be installed. You can quickly see how a carpet color matches up with adjacent furnishings, window tapestries, throw pillows and anything else in the area.
  • You can see it under your home’s lighting conditions too (a showroom’s lighting might show very different results than your living room).
  • The salesperson can take measurements of your room(s) right then and there in order to give you an accurate estimate. No need to have someone come at a later date to measure like you’d have to do if you went to the showroom to shop.
  • You avoid multiple trips to showrooms to exchange samples if the first ones didn’t look right once you got home.
  • Visits are free, scheduled at your convenience and you save time and gas.


For Macomb County Shop at Home Flooring service, call Floor Coverings International at (586) 232-4873 to schedule an estimate.