At Floor Coverings International Shelby Township, we’re proud to be one of your premier local providers of bamboo flooring. Bamboo has become an increasingly popular flooring choice thanks to multiple benefits that many other flooring options do not provide. It offers the beauty of hardwood and the eco-friendly benefits of sustainable flooring.

Green Benefits

Bamboo grows much faster in the wild than timber that is used for hardwood floors. This means that it can more quickly be renewed when you harvest it for flooring. A stalk of bamboo does not have to be completely cut down either, so the same stalk can regrow multiple times.


All About Bamboo

Bamboo is naturally a lighter color wood, but this can be changed with different coatings. Today you can find bamboo flooring with a white wash finish or even a dark brown finish. Protective layers over the top of bamboo make this flooring choice long-lasting like other hardwood floors. The look is just as natural as hardwoods, which is why many choose to put bamboo in their homes. Be aware that bamboo can be prone to surface scratches like other hardwoods. If you plan to install it in a busy area of your home, be sure to invest in a durable finish.


Your Free Consultation

Contact Floor Coverings International today to learn more about our eco-friendly bamboo flooring selection or to learn more about our services. We offer free in-home consultations where we bring flooring samples into the comfort of your space so you can compare the different styles available.


Our Partners

We are partnered with industry leading manufacturers to provide you with a great selection of quality flooring options. Contact us today to learn more about our selection or services, or to schedule a free in-home consultation in the greater Shelby Township, Rochester, Washington area.


Our Local Approach To Bamboo Flooring

“We love that our customers choose bamboo flooring for their homes, and they love the look and feel it creates in their home. Contact our design experts today to learn what an impact bamboo floors could have on your home.” -Angela Sellick, Owner


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